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There’s something unusual too – they appear to use a near-open back design, with a large grill-covered port on the rear designed to let the low-end frequencies percolate to a fearsome, rib-trembling level. It’s not up there with the best, but can match ultra-budget pairs and is capable of taking on the noise of public transport.They don’t leak sound too much, either, the vast majority of it coming out of the front rather than the back. == "undefined") else if (typeof document.webkit Hidden !window.sbbop Loaded){ var sbbop_modal = create Modal(modal); if (sbbop_modal !Using an eye-catching red cable and a chunky bud design, the HAFX1X Xtreme Xplosives look just like the Monster Beats by Dr. Except that these cost about a quarter of the price.

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Install Cherry Kernel or Genetic Kernel or Hades Kernel 5. Report bugs in the G community To allow the ROM to be downloaded, you must wait at least 24 hours..

v1.4 | - NFC FIXED - Vo LTE testing - Lock screen security not work - Farewell to the problems with the temperature - S8 DREAM UX OK 100% WORK [Install Zip] - More Options on Camera: * Slow Motion * Hyperlapse * Fast Motion * Aqua * Shot & more * Sound & Shot * Wide Selfie * Continuos shot and more options tested - Multi User v1.3a | - FIX color Saturation - FIX slowness v1.3 | - Bike mode - Samsung Cloud - S8 Apps: * Calc * Calendar * Galery * Clock * Weather and Time * Video * Galaxy Apps * Themes * My Files * Launcher - AOD Settings removed - More free RAM, up to 1.0GB free - 20% faster than v1.2e - Turbo Colors Display - More Options on Camera: * Slow Motion * Hyperlapse * Food * Video Collage * Live Broadcast * Fast Motion * Aqua * Photo Shopping * Shot & more * Sound & Shot * Wide Selfie * Continuos shot and more options - S Planer Mode [Save Battery]: * Fast Charge * Reserve battery for calls * Extended battery time * Fwd calls when no battery - More Options Quick Settings: * S Power planning * UHQ upscaler * S Bike Mode * Wi-Fi Calling * Touch sensitivity - Download Booster - Draw screenshot v1.2f | - Fix LAG v1.2e | - Mobile Data in power menu - Bike Mode [Coming Soon] - Fixed high temperature CPU: Maximum temperature CPU detected: 60°C, Normal: 30°C to 49°C - Turbo Colos 11 - Fix Saturation Colors - Faster boot - Fast Charge: activate with kernel Auditor/ Battery and Settings/Device maintenance/Battery/options (3 points) Advanced settings/fast cable charging - More coming soon, v1.3 coming soon v1.2d | - Turbo colors: Saturarion FIX - Fix Sending Msg - Fix Battery drainage - Includes everything from version 1.2c v1.2c | - Includes everything from version 1.2b * Partially solving the battery drainage * Advertising block * Turbo colors display by HPM8294 * Download and install third-party apps [inside or outside the play store] - Fix problems Battery drain [report] (Thanks to mitko7411) - Fix Battery information (Thanks to mitko7411) v1.2b | - Partially solving the battery drainage - Advertising block - Turbo colors display by HPM8294 - Download and install third-party apps [inside or outside the play store] Notes: - it is possible that the brightness is high, reduce it to normal by sliding the bar - When you start the ROM, please wait a few seconds for it to stabilize - You can adjust the processor frequency with kernel auditor for more speed, default 998MHZ 4 Cores - Use battery saving if the drain does not change while the solution is being searched - It is recommended to use a black theme [Sd-black theme] and the background also for greater battery saving - The system detects 2600 m Ah of battery, you will be able to see that it is downloaded fast and it is not, soon the solution - Do not install the updates on another device or ROM, it is not compatible, you can leave your computer as a brick - Turn Off Turbo Colors Display: v1.2a | - Cherry Kernel v1.2 | - Removed aroma installer - Fast Charge - UHQ or Ultra High Quality Sound - Screen resolution in battery saving fixed v1.1 | - Multi Windows for all apps - Always On display - Camera v6, HDR - Music S8 - Dual-SIM Support - NFC v1: | - Initial version Based on J500x A5UX ROM - Corsi UX by Mitko7411 Source: ROM Original: Turbo Colors Turbo Colors comparative, STOCK vs Turbo Colors Display AROMA INSTALLER - KERNELS *Cherry Kernel *Generic Kernel - ROOT *With root *Rootless - WIPES *Dalvik Cache, system, data, cache *Dalvik Cache, system, data, cache, internal memory - APPS *Bike Mode *Email *Games *Google App *Photo Edit *Radio *Samsung Notes *S Voice *Voice Recorder - MODS *Blur *No Blur Soon Features Camera: Auto Pro Panorama Slow Motion Hyperlapse Food - not work Video Collage Live Broadcast [no tested] Photo Search Fast Motion Aqua Tag Shot Beauty Face Dual Camera - not work Rear Cam Selfie Sports Animated Gif Shot and more - not Work Sound and Shot HDR - HDR Auto Selfie Wide Senfie Continuous Shot Filters Extra Features: Motion Photo Video stabilisation Wi-Fi Location Sound Mobile data Bluetooth Auto rotate Do not disturb Flight mode Power Savin - Off Mid Max Torch Mobile Hotspot Smart View Capture Screen Record Screen Always On Display Blue light filter NFC Sync Vo LTE Touch sensitivity Device visibility Bright Control - Bar and Outdoors Block Notification Clear all Printing Mirror Link - USB NFC and Payment Scree Mode Edge Screen Always On Display Touch Accessories - S View Cover Games Launcher App Lock Floating messages Smart Alert Record Screen Easy Mute Direct Share Smart Stay Samsung Cloud Samsung Themes Can not download the ROM? , just join the G HERE This is in order to help make the ROM more stable and prevent most people using the ROM from having bugs or problems with the installation and / or applications...

- You can already use any version of kernel - Long battery life - Draining the battery without using the equipment - Fixed! - Quicker startup - Start and shutdown sound - S8 Apps - Dolby Atmos - Viper Arise - AM3DZirenne Notes: - The temperature depends on the use of 4G or high frequencies in the processor, the ROM already solves the problem of temperature definitively - The battery consumption without using the equipment is very minimum almost zero, the autonomy of the battery will depend on the networks and the frequencies / cores of the processor - ROM updated drivers and libraries to normalize as ROM stock, there should be no faults [except Vo LTE] Install the zip: Save Battery v2.0 Cherry Kernel v1.1.5_over to save more battery with the latest version of Cherry kernel, v1.1.5_over [recommended], install zip every time you change kernel [only applies to Cherry kernel v1.1.5_over] [Does not limit performance] The languages of Spanish and English ignore the Zip of FIX LANGUAGE v2.0, it is only for the rest of languages v1.4b | - Fix Battery Information - Vo LTE support in some regions v1.4a | - Lock Screen Security Fixed - Live Wallpapers Add - Fix all Bugs Reported!!

- Normal Installer & AROMA Installer - Radio FM (Aroma Installer) v3.0 | EXTREME UX - FIX XPOSED - S8 APPS [Except in camera, settings and clock] - Removed: Viper Arise, Dolby, A3MDZirene Install ZIPS separately - Blur Effect - Camera Recording FHD v2.0 | EXTREME UX - Performance limitation - Removed!

They do use rather large apertures, though, which may be of concern if you have truly tiny ear holes.

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If you've found "Infobox connector", as an example, then type "Template: Infobox connector" into the Wikipedia search box to display the template definition and documentation. When you are on the template definition page, select "What links here" from within the Toolbox section on the left-hand side.… continue reading »

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