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By telling people poems I can show them all the important Malay cultural values that can help them find peace and happiness in their lives.

And hopefully they'll become interested and join in with Malay culture themselves.' However, Rizal is not Malay.

Sensing an urgent need to offset this risk, the local government made it their priority to cultivate a robust multicultural ethic of tolerance and mutual respect.

These imperatives sat uneasily alongside other political priorities at the time, as politicians sought to establish the Riau Islands as an independent province, separate from the province of 'Riau' on Mainland Sumatra, to which it had formerly been attached.

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Some are hoping to cross the international border and get lucrative work overseas.

Provincial autonomy was championed as a chance for Riau Island Malays to reassert themselves and once again become the rulers of the archipelago, as they had been in pre-colonial times.

The promotion and proliferation of Malay cultural forms - poetry, dance, clothing - was a cornerstone of this vision.

But in the hands of performers like Rizal, multicultural Malayness is taking on a life of its own, fostering new and compelling ways in which Riau Islanders might learn whether and how they belong.

Although the Riau Islands were the seat of an important Malay sultanate in the pre-colonial period, they have always been marked by a very high degree of ethnic and cultural diversity.on the net and you won't have a problem finding whatever you're after as it has tons of hot various categories.

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