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So, we’ve decided that rather than list out more marriage tips, we’ll give you some thought-provoking quotes.

Of course, there are loads of wedding advice quotes out there, so we’ve filtered them down and extracted the very best marriage advice quotes we could find. Best Marriage Advice Quotes These marriage advice quotes are the cream of the lot, the ones that we feel are both beautiful and sensible.

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Bonus quote from an unknown source: With so much focus among young people on not getting ‘friendzoned,’ they forget that friendship is essential for a romantic relationship too, more so for marriage. The bond between you is the cumulative effect of these little things.

Being friends makes spouses act like true partners sharing and helping each other out. People are too impatient these days; in an age of instant everything, they want instant resolutions to marital conflict and have no patience to wait for the good part.

When you put in good effort, you’re sure to see results.

Funny marriage advice quotes Life needn’t be serious all the time, and marriage certainly doesn’t! No one likes it rubbed in their face when they’re wrong.

After all, they must know what they’re talking about, right?