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05-Oct-2018 17:34

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Hey, I don’t write these things, I just report them.

To me, the most interesting aspect of this is not that men, are, in fact, shallower than women. But your point, Roger, that first date sparks don’t mean anything more than first date sparks?

This is a logical conclusion, except for one thing: you’re not going out with any men.

And men, in my experience, do the exact same thing and more.

As anyone who’s ever met through friends knows, sometimes HOW you meet is as much a determining factor as chemistry in terms of moving forward.

Alison Armstrong does a great piece about the value of chemistry.

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From how he talks to the waiter, to whether he tucks in his shirt, to how quickly he reaches for the check, the details are generally quite important to women.I mean, a first date is not the real world, it’s not the way people usually are most of the time.