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Once you've tapped in with your Oyster, station staff will be radioing down to the Tube driver telling them to wait. There is no little side lamp or overhead lamp inside a cabin - only the tiny dashboard and a few bleeping sensors.

Every new station is like a rush of brightness as their lonely office whizzes out of the pitch-black again.

The shortlist included tweets by Ivanka Trump,daughter of US President Donald Trump, superstore Tesco, the Department for Digital, Culture Media and Sport, the Metropolitan Police and the mission statement of Facebook.

But Tf L won the dubious honour for at least five examples of what the organisers called its “shoddy English”.“‘All the doors in this carriage will not open at the next station:’ That is misleading and wrong,” said Helen Hawkins, one of the judges.

The company constructed an underground railway, which ran for three miles under the New Road, from the Great Western Railway's terminus at Paddington to the edge of the City at Farringdon Street, via the Great Northern Railway's terminus at King's Cross.

'Our massive upgrade programme builds on the engineering ingenuity of our Victorian forefathers and through new signalling, trains and track, millions of Londoners and visitors will continue to benefit from what is arguably the best, and most iconic, underground transport system in the world.'The celebratory journey will see Metropolitan Locomotive No 1 pull the Metropolitan Railway Jubilee carriage No 353, which was built in 1892 and is being restored thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the London Transport Museum Friends.

It was eventually opened by the Queen in 1969 Busy: Six underground railway tunnels run under the Earl's Court Exhibition building which is pictured under construction near Earl's Court Station in 1936One of the most vocal advocates for a solution was Charles Pearson, Solicitor to the City of London, whose plans came together with a group of entrepreneurs and led to the establishment of the Metropolitan Railway Company in August 1854.

There is one way of knowing almost exactly where the train's doors will open before it arrives.

Look at the scuff marks on the yellow line, says our driver.

Besides Paxman and Hawkins, other judges for this year’s award were Virginia Ironside, Beatrix Macintyre, Victoria Hull and Tom Hodgkinson.

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Books titled "Secrets of the Underground" feature in many tourist bookshops - but how many tell you what "person on the tracks" really means?In its current state, this sentence means that the train will continue to station after station until it finds one where assistance is available,” the organisers added.

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