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For the last several years Robinson has held down a Sunday slot on CISL. But CISL was recently sold and will be changing formats from oldies to sports in September. The Lubbock, Texas native was killed in a plane crash on Feb. Holly had been a star for less than two years when he died.

So this week, Red decided it was time to finally retire for good.“I’ll tell ya what did it to me,” he said.“My grandson is 14. Holly was in town with the Show of Stars, a revue that featured eight acts now in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame — Holly, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, the Everly Brothers, the Drifters, Eddie Cochran, Clyde Mc Phatter and La Vern Baker — as well as Frankie Lymon, Paul Anka, Jimmy Bowen and Buddy Knox.“They each got to do two songs, and if they had a lot of applause they did one more,” said Robinson.“It was put together by Irvin Feld, who owned Ringling Bros. I think he had watched (rock and roll DJ) Alan Freed in New York and decided to do his own (travelling show).”Robinson interviewed Holly backstage.“I’d run out, do an interview, then (go back onstage) and introduce the next act,” he recounts.“In my interview with Buddy Holly I asked, ‘How long do you think rock and roll is going to last?

He’s always bugging me, ‘Grandpa when are you going to retire? A couple of weeks ago I said ‘Aden, I’m retiring.’“He said, ‘Grandpa, you mean we can spend more time together? ’ He said, ‘Oh, I think ’til Christmas but not much later.’ Those were his exact words.”Robinson also has an Elvis Presley autograph from when Elvis played Empire Stadium on Aug. Red was emcee of the show, and there’s a great photo of Red and Elvis with a giant teddy bear that Elvis’s fans gave him, in honour of his hit Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear.

The teddy bear is now in Red’s office.“It’s a panda,” said Robinson.“I kept it, ’cause he didn’t want to take it on the train. It’s stupid the stuff I’ve held onto in a way, but it meant something to me.”Elvis’s teddy bear will probably wind up at the Museum of Vancouver, where Robinson is donating much of his collection.“I may keep a few things that I think my kids might want,” he said.“(But) they don’t want much.

Howard Law, director of Unifor’s media sector, said the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, the federal broadcasting regulator, must take partial blame for the cuts because it has been issuing five-year broadcast licence renewals without imposing strong conditions to ensure quality local news continues.“What the CRTC did not do, despite our urging, was to set regulations that enforced ‘quality’ over quantity, meaning that networks can continue to cut corners on staffing, actual news gathering, and allowing ‘talking heads’ current affairs shows to be called ‘news,”‘ he said in an email. (TSX: BCE), Canada’s largest telecommunications company. It owns 30 local television stations and 105 licensed radio stations.Tootall, one of Montreal’s best-loved and longest-serving disc jockeys, will retire on Sept. “Forty years into the game and his passion for music and his curiosity about new sounds, styles, and bands remain unmatched,” said Picard, CHOM’s music director.