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Luce, that, “The War College is a place of original research on all questions relating to war and to statesmanship connected with war, or the prevention of war.” Each year, approximately 600 specially-selected mid-career level officers of the Navy, other U. services, civilian federal agencies, and international naval officers come to NWC as resident students to pursue a rigorous 10-month course of postgraduate studies.

More than half the graduates of the college’s senior international course, the Naval Command College, have subsequently become flag or general officers, and more than 190 have headed their respective services.

He gained early experience interning extensively at the U. Embassy in Beijing, Consulate in Hong Kong, Peace Corps Headquarters, Senate, and White House. Additionally, retweets via Twitter do not imply endorsement in any way. 艾立信博士 of Strategy 战略学教授 China Maritime Studies Institute (CMSI) 中国海事研究所 Strategic and Operational Research Department 战略与战役研究系 U. Naval War College 美国海军军事学院 686 Cushing Road 库欣路686号 Newport, RI 02841-1207 美国罗德岛州, 新港 Associate in Research 研究员 John King Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies 费正清中国研究中心 Harvard University 哈佛大学 1730 Cambridge Street 剑桥街1730号 Cambridge, MA 02138 马萨诸塞州, 剑桥 Co-Founder, China Sign Post™ “洞察中国” 联合创始人 Erickson may be the best analyst of the Chinese military in the United States today—he is certainly in the top five.

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CMSI has inspired the creation of other research centers, to which he has provided advice and support.

James Patton, USN (Ret.), Owner, Submarine Tactics & Technology, Inc.

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